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Volunteering Northland was established in 2012 as an incorporated charitable trust. As an independent volunteer centre, we work in partnership with Volunteering New Zealand and our sister centres around Aotearoa. This allows us to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in volunteering, and to collaborate with other organisations to create meaningful and impactful volunteering opportunities.

We recognize and promote the importance of volunteers and volunteering within our region. Volunteers are the backbone of our communities, and we believe that by working together, we can create a stronger and more vibrant community for everyone.

Focusing on the needs of the local communities within each of the districts, we collaborate with not-for-profits, community groups, local businesses, and individual volunteers to create connected communities that actively engage in volunteering. We believe that everyone has something to offer, and we work to match volunteers with opportunities that align with their interests and skills.

At Volunteering Northland, we are committed to promoting and supporting volunteering throughout Te Tai Tokerau. Join us today and discover the power of volunteering to transform lives and communities.

Our Vision

Engaged communities connected through volunteering

Our Mission

To promote, celebrate, support and raise the profile of volunteering by:

  • Grow volunteering by supporting organisations that involve volunteers
  • Provide affordable training, advice, advocacy and recognition for individuals
  • Provide a wide variety and arrangements of volunteer opportunities

Our Values

At Volunteering Northland, we are proud to uphold our core values in everything we do.

These values guide us in our interactions with our volunteers, community partners, and supporters, and help us build a strong and inclusive culture that supports positive change. Our values are:

Welcoming - We strive to create a warm and welcoming environment for all our volunteers, regardless of their background, skills or experience. We believe that everyone has something valuable to contribute, and we seek to make volunteering an accessible and rewarding experience for everyone.

Respect - We value and respect the dignity, diversity, and rights of all individuals, and we seek to create an environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and coercion. We believe that all volunteers should be treated with compassion, empathy, and fairness, and we encourage open and respectful communication.

Diversity - We recognise and celebrate the diversity of our community, and we seek to create opportunities for volunteers from all backgrounds to work together and learn from each other. We believe that diversity is a strength, and we are committed to promoting inclusivity and equity in all our activities.

Flexibility - We understand that volunteers have different needs, goals, and schedules, and we seek to provide flexible and adaptable volunteering opportunities that can accommodate these differences. We believe that volunteering should be a positive and empowering experience, and we strive to provide a supportive and nurturing environment for all our volunteers.

Integrity - We believe in the importance of honesty, transparency, and accountability in all our activities. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct, and we seek to build trust and credibility with our volunteers, community partners, and supporters.

Our Services

At Volunteering Northland, we are committed to connecting and strengthening our community and voluntary sector.

Volunteering Northland connects and strengthens the community and voluntary sector through volunteer engagement, professional development, networking opportunities, support and mentoring services. Our programmes cover all aspects of volunteering and related topics.

Our office supports more than 200 community organisations throughout Te Tai Tokerau by:

  • Recruiting a diverse range of volunteers through our recruitment and referral service.
  • Providing consultancy and advice services to support the development of effective volunteer programmes.
  • Organising workshops, seminars, networking forums and celebratory events. 
  • Facilitating volunteering projects like pathways to employment, youth volunteering, supported volunteering and newcomer volunteering in our community.

Our team works for the common
good of our community.

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  • Trustees | Te Poari Matua
  • Volunteers | Kaimahi aroha
Portrait of Jessie Manney

Jessie Manney


Portrait of Verena Pschorn

Verena Pschorn

Community Connections Coordinator

Portrait of Patricia Santos

Patricia Santos

Community Navigator

Portrait of Astrid Kelly

Astrid Kelly

Marketing Administrator

Portrait of Nataly Cardoso

Nataly Cardoso


Portrait of Nimo Ahmed

Nimo Ahmed

Board Secretary

Portrait of Nicholas Connop

Nicholas Connop

Whangarei District Councilor

Portrait of Mark Vincent

Mark Vincent

Kaipara District Councilor

Portrait of Francoise Le Marrec

Francoise Le Marrec

Chartered Certified Accountant, Director of Strategico Limited

Portrait of Teresa Hart

Teresa Hart

Kaiwhakahaere of Te Houtaewa Māori Charitable Trust

Portrait of Cameron Matheson

Cameron Matheson


Portrait of Linda Marsh

Linda Marsh


Portrait of Brent Copeman

Brent Copeman

Data Researcher

Portrait of Janine Duncan

Janine Duncan

Volunteer Reporter

Volunteering Northland relies on volunteers, grants and donations

Donate via internet banking to 12-3099-0040718-00 or email us for more details.
All donations are tax deductable.

Why Donate?

At Volunteering Northland, we rely on volunteers, grants, and donations to deliver our services. We believe that volunteering is a powerful force for good, and we are committed to supporting and building the capability of volunteer-involving organisations throughout Te Tai Tokerau.

Our services help organisations engage, manage, and retain a strong and effective volunteer workforce, which is essential to advancing their mission and cause. We work closely with not-for-profits, community groups, and local businesses to create meaningful volunteering opportunities that benefit both volunteers and the organisations they support.

But we can't do it alone. We rely on the support of volunteers, grants, and donations to continue providing our services to the community. Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organisation, and we are always looking for passionate and committed individuals who share our vision of engaged communities connected through volunteering.

Grants from government agencies, foundations, and other organisations also play a crucial role in supporting our work. We are grateful for the support we have received from these organisations, which allows us to continue delivering our services to the community.

Donations from individuals and businesses are also essential to our work. All donations support our vision of engaged communities connected through volunteering. Whether you can give a little or a lot, your contribution will make a difference in the lives of volunteers and the organisations they support.

If you would like to support our work, please consider volunteering or making a donation. Our charity registration number is CC48740, and all donations are tax-deductible. Together, we can create a stronger and more connected community through volunteering.

Volunteering Northland is able to do our mahi thanks to the generosity of our funders.

We acknowledge their contributions and are grateful for their support.

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