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Time Keeper for Northland Car Club Events - competitive motorsport racing

The timing is undertaken with a computer based program "Tagheuer" specifically designed for this purpose - usually at the Start line of the event. Training would be required both at events and separate meeting sessions before you would be proficient enough to run this program autonomously.
All our speed events involve timed runs from a start position to either the Top of the hill in a Hill climb or to the completion of the Course in a Sprint event.
The information is automatically uploaded into program via equipment laid out at the Start & Finish points


You will need to comfortable & confident in computer use - along with printing documents etc.
One person will cover the computer timing and the second person would man the Control radio

Time commitment

Our events are held on Sundays and the road/ course is closed to the public for the duration of the event. Aside from Emergency vehicle access.
Our events run from 8 am until 5 pm (at the latest)
We prearrange the volunteers for each event prior to the day so we can be assured all positions are covered.
The events are not weather affected unless a warning is in place.
You would be advised of any cancellation.

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