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Membership Terms

Policies for registration

Volunteering Northland shall register any non-profit or charitable organisations or groups, but not individuals, offering volunteer placement in the Northland region who will consistently work within our policies and guidelines.

  1. The organisation complies with relevant legislation.
  2. The organisation has in place reasonable volunteer engagement policies and documentation, including volunteer role-descriptions, training, supervision, support, recognition and the reimbursement of agreed out-of-pocket expenses as appropriate.
  3. The organisations shall be required to provide one referral contact and relevant information for volunteer referral.
  4. Volunteering Northland will charge the organisations an annual fee for services. The annual fee shall be determined by the Board from time to time.
  5. Volunteering Northland retains the right to waive the annual fee for groups or organisations which do not employ paid staff, and have minimal available funds.
  6. Volunteers shall be referred to organisations to supplement, extend or reinforce services and shall not take the place of paid staff or fill positions for which funding is available or was a paid position within the previous six months.
  7. The organisation shall prevent the distribution of any excess of income over expenditure to members, individuals or other purposes.
  8. The organisation is responsible for any risk and liability arising out of their engagement of volunteers and for obtaining any insurance against this, including in relation to volunteer health and safety. Volunteering Northland will not accept any responsibility in this area.
  9. Volunteer placement is ultimately the organisations decision.
  10. Volunteering Northland reserves the right to decline, remove or suspend the registration of organisations that do not meet the above criteria.

Membership Fees

Our membership fees are based on your organization’s gross revenue.

  • Koha - annual income under $140,000
  • $110 - annual income $140,000 - $400,000
  • $210 - annual income over $400,00
  • One off events- Get in touch and ask us

Your organisation agrees to:

  • Volunteering Northland will list our Volunteer Opportunities on their website and in other ways for recruitment and/or promotion purposes.
  • We will be responsible for updating our organisation profile, creating and updating volunteer advertisements, and accessing available referrals and statistics.
  • We understand that Volunteering Northland assists potential volunteers to find volunteering activities. Volunteers then self-select volunteer opportunities that appeal to them, based on the information provided.
  • We understand that the volunteers referred to our organisation from Volunteering Northland are referrals only. At no time does this referral imply a recommendation of specific applicants.
  • We accept the responsibility of evaluating the applicants for appropriate placement in our organisation.
  • We will make initial contact with all referred volunteers, generally, within five business days.
  • We agree the final decision on the placement of the volunteer rests with our organisation.
  • We will provide all accepted applicants with appropriate training, supervision and support to ensure a worthwhile experience.
  • The decision to appoint a volunteer is the responsibility of the NFP member organisation. We accept responsibility for any eventualities which may arise in connection with any volunteer involved in our organisation and hereby releases and discharges Volunteering Northland from any claim, liability or demand of any kind which may arise as the result of actions, or failure to act on the part of any volunteer.
  • We agree to ensure the outcome of each individual volunteer referral is communicated to Volunteering Northland in a timely manner.
  • We confirm that we are up to date with our Health and Safety policies, procedures and reporting.
  • We agree that the information supplied will be used by Volunteering Northland in the recruitment and referral process, as well as for statistical, funding and administrative purposes.
  • We agree that Volunteering Northland uses our published media content (pictures, videos and other material) to advertise our organisation and its volunteer roles.

Please confirm your understanding and acceptance of the above:


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