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clock icon1 August 2021

Volunteering – making strides for better communities

“Creating opportunities and providing support for work, recreation and home life”

Greenways Trust members striding ahead at a Special Olympics event

Written by volunteer reporter Molly Molving-Lilo, Volunteering Northland

Volunteering is one of the many selfless, rewarding and positively beneficial deeds a person can engage in. The scale and variety of volunteering opportunities & needs are huge and extremely essential. In the Northland region there are hundreds of organisations posting for volunteers in a wide range of services including retail, emergency services, companionship and gardening to name a few.

In the rural communities of the Kaipara District, volunteering is a service that organisations like Greenways Trust rely on. Greenways Trust, located in Dargaville, is a charitable trust supporting people 16 years and over with intellectual disabilities. Their mission: “Creating opportunities and providing support for work, recreation and home life”. This is achieved through employment opportunities, support in social, recreational and spiritual livelihood, programmes/activities and residential arrangements. The work of volunteers helps to enhance the possibilities and quality of life for this group. “They increase friendship, recreation and active opportunities for our people” says Lisa Payne from Greenways Trust. “Volunteers help our people to accomplish their goals and live happy lives” Lisa also states.

Everyone deserves a chance to live a happy, fulfilled life and, from the generous support of volunteers, organisations like Greenways Trust can provide that service. It’s not only life changing for the people that need the support, it also benefits and positively changes the life of the volunteer.

Organisations like Greenways Trust are regularly in need of volunteers and the support they provide; there is always opportunity to help others.  If you would like to get involved you can check out the Volunteering Northland website for more details or call on 0800 865 268 to find out about opportunities that might suit you.