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Fringe 2022 Festival: Hātea Loop Event Helpers for 2.10.

Whangārei Fringe is a two-week festival (30 September to 16 October) of weird and wonderful creativity! Theatre, circus, art, digital technology, music, poetry, cabaret, fashion, drag and more - anything and everything goes. This festival is run by creatives, for creatives.

Our biggest event during Fringe is the Hātea me Hearties - a day of music, street performances and family fun at the Town Basin and around the Loop.

When: Sunday 2 October
- set up 8am - 11am (20 people needed)

- event 11am - 2pm (50 people needed)
As a volunteer, you will either help with the set up or during the event.

We are looking for people stationed in a few different places around the Loop in the vicinity of performances to:
  • set up the event zones from 8am - 11am (20 people)
  • keep an eye on things & make sure the audiences do not clog up the pathway (16 people in total: 2 area managers per zone per shift. 4 zones in total. 1 1/2 hour shift per person.)
  • help with childrens' activities like face painting and other DIY projects (16 people in total: 6 - 8 volunteers per shift. 1 1/2 hour shift per person.)
  • help with art projects (sewing a quilt and others) (4 people in total: 2 volunteers per shift. 1 1/2 hour shift per person.)
  • talk to people and make them feel welcome & distribute brochures & find lost children at the information stall (8 people in total: 2 tables, one at the sculpture park. 4 volunteers per shift. 1 1/2 hour shift per person.)
  • keep in touch with the organisers in case of problems.

We will have a health&safety meeting a few days before the event. Training on the day.

Specific requirements
  • communicative and friendly
  • reliable
  • artsy and crafty for some activities
As of:

50 volunteers needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible