Reference nr. 3020 : Student Volunteer Army
Call Centre Support for Grocery Pick-ups and Drop-offs

Volunteer remotely. SVA runs an online grocery store, in conjunction with New World supermarkets.  People who need groceries can shop on the store site, using their own money if they're able to, or a Ministry of Social Development funded voucher if they're not able to pay by themselves.  The groceries are charged to the SVA account at the supermarket. SVA needs volunteers who can receive orders, shop for groceries and deliver them or to answer calls for their Call Centre.

The Call Centre receives telephone calls from people who need help with their grocery order, e.g. some people don't have computer or internet access, and need to make a phone order (which is then turned into a computer order on the SVA Grocery site by the call centre volunteer).  This is a great role for people who don't have a vehicle and so won't be able to do the physical shopping and delivery.  Volunteers who wish to help with this role will need to be police vetted, as they may receive callers' credit card details.

Training has to be completed here: 

Specific requirements
  • reliable and friendly
All over Northland

40 volunteers needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Virtual
✔ Reference provided after some time