Reference nr. 2984 : Puke Kopipi Restoration Group
Working Bee Helper

We are volunteers restoring Puke Kopipi's native vegetation through weed removal and native plantings. Turning this landmark behind the Sports Complex in Kopipi Crescent into a highly visible, attractive bush feature in Ngunguru. Creating a public walkway to the top - check out the view! - for locals and visitors. Also, providing an accessible tsunami escape route for the Ngunguru community.

We hold regular weeding and planting days and we welcome new volunteers to come along. Plantings usually take place in Winter and weeding in Spring and Autumn. Working Bees are on Saturdays 2-5pm, approx once/month.

Related work takes place periodically throughout the year on Tuesdays through the EarthEd group based at Ngunguru School. To do: nurturing, weeding, mulching

Tasks for this Saturday:
Top West
 - the last mahi for cutting and pasting privet, etc, formosa lillies, checking pampas for regrowth, distributing pampas mulch
- releasing around last year’s plantings nearby so they can be easily seen before weed eating spots
Collect and redistribute bamboo stakes 
- Ensuring they are marking small plants and removed from obvious larger ones, collect spares, place in bare areas to be planted
Lower Zones 
- Planting
- Resurrect Matariki Tu Rakau post and plaque, put up Kiwi Live Here sign

People participate at their own risk and bring their own tools. Make sure you are well and safe, keep to physical distancing, wear your mask if in close contact. Bring any water, meds, sun protection, your own useful favourite tools.

5 volunteers needed