Reference nr. 2962 : Wild Side Charitable Trust (Arapohue Rural Retreat)
Gardeners for Communal Garden

Arapohue Rural Retreat is a faith-based community where the hurting, the lonely and the troubled find hope, healing and love. It is a very special respite, surrounded by native bush and healing horses.

Help us look after the community vegetable garden and orchard. We are looking for a couple of gardeners who are able to come in once or twice a week for a few hours, to support us with:
  • weeding & watering
  • lawn mowing every two weeks
  • mulching
  • looking after the orchard

You are welcome to take home some of the produce when available.

If you want to stay for a bit and enjoy the beautiful countryside, we can accommodate you in one of the buildings and provide your meals. If you want to come in for the day, we will provide lunch. We can also reimburse you for gas money.
You can come in and help as a one-off, for a few days or weeks or longer-term. The work can be done anytime to fit in with your schedule.
We will show you around and chat about which work you want to do and what support or supplies you will need for that. No additional training needed.
Specific requirements
  • wanting to support the retreat's vision
  • hands-on person
  • experience in gardening is helpful
Dargaville area

2 volunteers needed


✔ Reimburse expenses