Reference nr. 2957 : I Have A Dream
One on One Mentor for local youth

Become a Mentor and make a difference in a young person's life. Volunteer with I Have a Dream!

I Have a Dream in Tikipunga works with students (Dreamers) attending 4 low-decile schools in Whāngarei. We support Dreamers from Year 1 until two years after high school and provide long term and wraparound educational and life skills support to our Dreamers. Our programme is open to all students who attend our partner schools. Some of the services we provide include in-class assistance, after-school programmes, career pathways, mentoring, and advocacy. Currently about 960 young people are enrolled with I Have a Dream in the Tikipunga and Otangarei communities.

I Have a Dream is a unique organisation in Aotearoa and this is an incredibly exciting time as we start our 6th year in Whāngarei as well as actively look at expansion of the programme into new communities in Whāngarei and Northland.   We have an amazing Team which includes 13 front line “Navigators” and our mentors and volunteers are very much part of our Team as well!

I Have a Dream Mentoring takes place outside of work and school hours, so it's perfect for anyone who wants to be part of our kaupapa and help create generational change in their community. 
Time investment: Group activity once a month, 2-3 hours, for 6 months then one on one with your assigned young person, as arranged by you and your mentee. This works well for many as it provides flexibility.
Full training is provided in conjunction with the once a month group activities in the evening. Regular opportunities for personal and professional development provided. Please note that we fit under the vaccine mandate and all I Have a Dream volunteers must show vaccine evidence when they start with us.

Specific requirements
  • Someone who has at least a day a month to dedicate to a young person long term
  • Commitment to I Have A Dream ideals, mission and vision
  • Good communication skills 
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Positive attitude, patience, interest in seeing children succeed.

10 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Virtual
✔ Reference provided after some time