Reference nr. 2942 : Cancer Society Northland
Relay For Life Leadership Team - Survivorship Lead

Are you a super volunteer, who would like to assist a super organisation?
Cancer Society Northland is on the hunt for a volunteer to become a part of the Relay for Life leadership team and fill the role of the Survivorship Lead

Survivors and caregivers are the VIPs of Relay. You will play a key role in communicating what Relay is all about, and why survivors and caregivers are our guests of honour. You will also organise a pre-event celebration in their honour (e afternoon tea just before Relay’s opening ceremony); support survivors’ and caregivers’ involvement in the Opening Ceremony and Lap of Honour, and promote how survivors and caregivers can engage with Cancer Society programmes and services in their community.

Key Tasks
  • Read the Six Ds Guidebook and support material
  • Recruit a Co-Chair and establish a sub-committee
  • Attend committee meetings; provide a written progress report
  • Set survivor and caregiver goals with your Event Chair and staff partner/s
  • Plan Survivorship Celebration and activities
  • Organise suitable sponsors to assist with the catering needs
  • Organise Survivorship and caregiver gifts and ribbons.
  • Promote Relay For Life to survivors and caregivers in the community; work with your Publicity Chair to encourage attendance at the event
  • Plan and implement pre-event information for survivors and caregivers in conjunction with staff partner/s
  • Plan and coordinate the registration of survivors and caregivers at the event with the Secretary
  • Plan and coordinate survivor’s and caregivers’ involvement in the Opening Ceremony with the Entertainments Chair
  • Liaise with Logistics Chair throughout the planning process for any needs
  • Assist sub-committee and committee colleagues as needed
  • Assist with recruiting teams, survivors and caregivers through personal networks
  • Be on-site as needed at Relay and/or organise appropriate coverage
  • Recognise and thank sub-committee and donors/in-kind supporters in conjunction with staff partner
  • Record all relevant contact details/notes and pass on to staff partner; take part in pre- and post- event planning sessions as required
  • Help to recruit a successor when you step down from your role.
Time Commitment:
  • Two to four hours per week (variable depending upon time to event)
  • Estimated number of committee meetings: one to two per month
  • Phone calls to staff partner: one to two per month
  • Meetings with staff partner/s: one to two per month
  • Minimum one event cycle, maximum three-event cycles (this does not exclude involvement in other Relay-related roles after a maximum of three event cycles in this particular role).

Relay For Life Event Leadership Team members will have training and orientation based on their roles.

Specific requirements
  • Knowledge of the impact of cancer
  • Excellent relationship and communication skills, enthusiasm and ability to portray a positive image of the Cancer Society to the public
  • Compassion, empathy and sensitivity
  • Highly organised, ability to roster and organise volunteer teams
  • Experience in event planning and organising/ arranging catering for large and diverse groups
  • Knowledge of and commitment to the Cancer Society’s mission and its programmes and services for patients, survivors and caregivers
  • Commitment to following national and divisional Relay Standards.

2 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Virtual
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time