Reference nr. 2923 : St John - Community Health Services
Therapy Pets

Whether it's furry cuddles, wagging tails, nose boops, or nudging heads demanding all the pats, the power of pets on our wellbeing is huge.
Our St John Therapy Pets programme has more than 180 volunteers sharing their pets throughout New Zealand.  Visiting schools, libraries, rest homes, hospitals and other health services, these furry friends can help children with their reading, boost wellbeing, speed up healing, provide distraction and comfort, and ease any fears of loneliness.
Therapy Pets visits involve your pet sitting calmly while being petted, read to and generally showered with affection.
Commitment is one hour per week.

Training and support for our animal-loving volunteers is provided to ensure you understand what you need to do.
Specific requirements
  • Great people and communication skills
  • Confidence talking and interacting with a range of people of all ages and cultures
  • A great working relationship with your pet, with the ability to keep them safe, supervised and under control
  • Your pet must love people; be confident, calm and comfortable in new environments; and of course, obedient and focused
  • Your pet must be over 12 months old, fully vaccinated and wormed, microchipped and registered with your local council.
Checks you can expect before you join our team
An interview
Character references
Police check
Pet assessment


30 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Wheelchair accessible