Reference nr. 2834 : Kaipara Budgeting Service
Board members

Kaipara Budgeting Service offers financial assistance to anyone in the Kaipara district. We focus on educating individuals and families to successfully manage their financial affairs.  Our staff meet every two months with the governance committee, and present a report on how the Service has operated over the past two months, and discuss future planning that needs to be done.

Kaipara Budgeting service is seeking two committee members to attend meetings every second month, and be a part of the decision making process of the functioning of the service.

No experience is needed.  Our committee meetings are a venue for staffs to report on the past two months of operations and a discussion on any areas that are being planned for the next period.

There are a number of opportunities for webinars with topics relevant to our service.
Attendance at a First Aid course may be sponsored after a period

Specific requirements
A positive attitude
Able to partake in group discussions and offer constructive suggestions
Dargaville area

2 volunteers needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Reimburse expenses