Reference nr. 2789 : Carbon Neutral NZ Trust
Carbon Emissions Community Ambassador

Volunteer remotely. Do you want to take action against climate change, but don't quite know how, or you don't have much time on your hands? Become an ambassador for us and engage others in supporting the cause while you go about your daily life!
Become an expert at filling in the Carbon Calculator for households, farms, or small businesses.

Carbon Neutral New Zealand Trust (CNT) is a national “umbrella” organization for citizen-based, bottom-up community initiatives aimed at
addressing climate change at the local level.

Keen volunteers with a commitment to fighting climate change are needed for various roles.

At home:
  • using our carbon emission app and helping with collecting data through it that we can use for statistical purposes
Outreach in the community:
  • educating others (neighbours, acquaintances, friends, colleagues) in various ways - a few sentences and a flyer is all it takes sometimes

Depending on what you want to do, we can:
  • send you flyers and familiarize you with educational resources (like our Kaitiaki videos and the corresponding scientific background= there is a super curriculum for 11-15 year olds from the government by now) and give you a toolbox of arguments for a constructive discussion with others
  • train you to do the calculator and explain it's use and advantages to you and your audience
  • encourage you to think about "gamification" of the handling of climate change mitigation

Specific requirements
  • Keen on helping to mitigate climate change impacts
  • people with a passion for community engagement and education for the outreach roles
  • relate to sports people and their requirements of the environment (clean air, clean water...)
Bay of Islands - Whangaroa

10 volunteers needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Virtual
✔ Reference provided after some time