Reference nr. 2723 : Citizens Advice Bureau Whangarei
Interviewers and Super-Sleuths

CAB Whangarei are having a new induction training in late May for new volunteer interviewers with the savvy to find the answers to any imaginable question.

We don’t need people who know it all, just people who know how to find it all.

We would love to hear from people willing and able to support people with their appointments at other (Government) agencies.

Also needed are super-sleuths who can interpret government websites to find answers, and prompt action.

The subjects of enquiries range from consumer rights through to housing, relationship problems, immigration, employment rights and beneficiary assistance, as well as contacts for other organisations.

Volunteers commit to a half day each week to meet people and answer their phone enquiries. There is also an online real-time chat service, and volunteers also host the free legal advice clinics held at the bureau each fortnight.

There will be three days training (at CAB on Bank St) as part of a structured induction process for new volunteers, with ongoing mentoring provided.

Volunteers need to attend all three days of induction training (from 9.30 am to 3.30 pm): dates to be confirmed.

Specific requirements
The bureau is looking for a diverse range of volunteers including Maori, migrants, men and people with disabilities.

A CAB Interviewer is required to be able to:
  • Relate well with a diverse range of people
  • Be an effective listener and have good oral and written skills
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Be confident in themselves
  • Be confident working with a computer
  • Work within CAB aims, values and principles and core processes
  • Give and receive feedback effectively
  • Conduct interviews consistent with CAB processes and policies

4 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time