Reference nr. 2657 : Mountains to Sea Conservation Trust
Snorkel Guides/Assistants for School Programmes

The Experiencing Marine Reserves (EMR) programme specializes in marine education. EMR empowers schools and communities by providing hands-on experiences in the ocean.

Every summer, we take hundreds of students and their whānau snorkeling in their local marine backyard, places like the Whangarei Harbour Marine Reserve at Reotahi, Pataua estuary and Maitai Bay. For many students, the snorkel experiences are a highlight of their school term and inspire them to take action for the marine environment.

To ensure everyone has a safe experience, we need capable parents and adults who can support and supervise the students in the water and assist them with fitting snorkel gear prior to getting into the water.

Many schools have got an amazing support network. However, sometimes it can be difficult to find enough adults to join field trips on weekdays as many parents are busy. We are therefore looking for someone who would like to help to make these snorkel experiences happen.

If this sounds like something you are interested in, we would love to hear from you and discuss further details!

- Training will be provided on the day, starting off with very limited responsibilities until the person feels comfortable to supervise their own group of students
- The volunteer will never be solely in charge of a group or activity and in close contact with the EMR leader.

Specific requirements

- person needs to be an experienced snorkeler and able to assist students in the     water
- We require police vetting of our volunteers as we are working closely with children
- this position is primarily during the week and on an irregular basis, mainly in the months of February and March
- There is no minimum commitment, although it would be nice if the volunteer could attend more than one snorkel day
- own vehicle would be an advantage although we will carpool where we can or reimburse for petrol where possible if the volunteer needs to take their own car


1 volunteer needed


✔ Police check
✔ Reference provided after some time