Reference nr. 2491 : Whangaroa Community Trust
Festival crew members

Nga Purapura 2020, Kaeo's Festival for Children and Young People
Celebrating music, arts, nature and healthy lifestyle in Kaeo, the festival is organised by a team of dedicated volunteers who are passionate about creating a special shared celebration in Kaeo.

We are looking for people to help on the day. There are 2 to 3 hour shifts available throughout the day between 9.30 am and 7pm. You can sign up for one or more while enjoying the festival:
  • Volunteer support; Keep our volunteers going by doing tea rounds and covering comfort breaks
  • Welcome & Info tent crew; Central point for public, making sure everyone has a sticker, giving out programme and phrase book, info point
  • Parking Stewards; helping the public to park safely
  • Site vehicle steward; Stewarding vehicles on and off site during set up
  • Site Set-up/breakdown; Help with gazebos, signage, barriers, tables, cabling, ...
  • Recycling: On rotation - Help the public to ensure they are correctly recycling their waste
  • Workshop tent assistant; Help workshop facilitators, act as runners, be extra help for participants

On the job if required
As of:
Bay of Islands - Whangaroa

20 volunteers needed