Reference nr. 2307 : Pioneer Village Kaikohe
Trustee + Secretary

Pioneer Village Kaikohe is in need of some new Trustees and a Board Secretary.
A Charitable Trust the Pioneer Village Kaikohe opened in 1977 and  is a Museum siting on approximately 5 acres of the Far North Council Reserve land which is leased.  It comprises historic buildings including the oldest standing courthouse in New Zealand which have all been bought in from around the district, a camera and movie projector display, vehicles and machinery displays and well kept park like grounds. We open 10am - 4pm  Monday to Friday, winter months and Monday to Saturday during the summer.  Hosting a small number of tourists both national and international, and schools.

The board is currently working on Strategic Vision, Operational organization and process. 

Relevant Documentation will be provided
 Generally our board meeting is held: 
On the 2nd Thursday of each month 5pm - 6pm.
 However we can be flexible to accommodate.

Specific requirements
New Trustees will enhance our skills mix. 
The Board would particulary welcome interest from volunteers with Business development , Marketing or Educational skills.
Forward thinking and positive.
Kaikohe - Hokianga

3 volunteers needed


✔ Virtual
✔ Reference provided after some time