Reference nr. 2084 : Waipu Museum
ART’nTARTAN Director

Waipu’s Iconic Wearable Arts Show Art’nTartan is Northland’s most established and successful wearable arts show, run by the Waipu Museum.

Art’nTartan celebrates the history of the Scottish migration to Waipu and the pre-European history of Bream Bay in the context of the vibrant Waipu community of today.

Entries in the Art’nTartan competition come from throughout NZ, and as Director your job is to create an entertaining and professional wearable arts spectacular with music and dance to support the entries. You will be dynamic and creative, you will have a love of history and you will enjoy blending the traditions of our past with our 21st century multi-cultural lifestyle. This is an ideal opportunity to develop skills and expertise in the growing wearable arts field.

The Director is supported by an active and well-organized production team of volunteers. Entries for the competition close in April and we hold three shows in late July. Ideally our Director will join us no later than February.


Bream Bay

1 volunteer needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Virtual
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time