Reference nr. 2070 : Food Rescue Northland & Open Arms Day Centre
Welcome Person for "Open Arms Day Centre"

"Open Arms" is a new day center for the homeless and for anyone who needs the place.This will be a friendly atmosphere to relax, rest, use the facilities such as the kitchen, shower, toilets, to do washing and provide a support service. A space for the community where you feel safe.

The role is for someone who can welcome people to the center; Be the person that can show those new to the center where everything is located, and give a guided tour for those interested in the center. Someone who's kind, genuine, caring, non judgemental and a people person.

Do a morning or afternoon shift once or twice a week. Weekend morning and afternoons may be available. 
AM shift 8.00 am - 10 am or PM shift 3.00 pm - 5.00 pm

Orientation provided and professional in house development will be offered.

Specific requirements
Kind, caring and friendly.
Know's when to initiate interaction but can pick up when people want to use the service without any interaction.

7 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time