Reference nr. 1913 : North Haven Hospice
Help Someone Write Their Life Reflections

Our Life Reflections service needs specialist support (Biographers) to record and transcribe patients memories of their life; this work is generally carried out in the community (Patients home). A recorder will be supplied by Hospice to assist in this task. This very important work is usually done in a timeframe to suit both the volunteer and the patient, unless the person is dying and work needs to be completed urgently. This work is sometimes read at life celebration/funeral services.

A 1-hour training session which includes working through their specific Life Reflections resource, 6-hour induction at Hospice (within the first year of volunteering) and 2x In-Patient Unit shadow sessions to understand how the Life Reflections service impacts on people's lives. Essential skills training is mandatory within the first twelve months and is repeated every two years.

Specific requirements
An experienced transcriber with confidence in formatting, including placement of images in the document. This person must have excellent understanding and use of English Grammar and possibly the ability to correctly include Te Reo O Maori where used.

6 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Virtual
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time