Reference nr. 1905 : Whangarei Quarry Gardens Trust
'Wednesday Legends': Become part of the team at the Quarry Gardens! (Every Wednesday)

(Also fits teams) Whangarei Quarry Gardens has been developed over the past 17 years almost entirely by 'local legends' a.k.a. volunteers. The Gardens are slowly becoming one of NZ's most interesting public gardens, we need YOUR energy to help this amazing project continue to thrive... We are a friendly, sociable group of gardeners with varying degrees of experience who meet every Wednesday (approx 9am- 2pm) for a working-bee and a cup of tea/coffee. We are in need of more community-minded Volunteers to help the Gardens bloom. Everyone is welcome, even if you are not a gardener at heart. We share our knowledge and there are jobs for all types! Come along for companionship, exercise, and shared experiences. Contact us any time for more info (leave a message if phone unattended).

You will have the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable gardeners, landscapers, and plants-people. You will also be able to share your ideas and experience with fellow Volunteers. For job-seekers, volunteering at the Gardens for a period of time can be a great addition to your CV. In some cases, the Garden Manager can provide a reference to your future employer...

Specific requirements
No specific skills required. We have tasks for anyone who is keen. Any community members with physical disabilities can contact us for more details.

For Team Volunteering; special days/dates and requirements can be catered for. Contact us at Volunteering Northland.

12 volunteers needed


✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Reference provided after some time