Reference nr. 1887 : Victim Support
Volunteer Support Worker

To provide immediate and on going support to victims of crime and trauma. . Advise the victims on their rights, listen, provide emotional support. Assist and support victims at Court trials and hearings. Give the victims help to access other support services. Aim: Our mission is that "Victims of crime and trauma are in control of restoring their lives" The aim of Victim Support is exactly that, we will look at all ways that we can to support a victim, this may include advocacy, just listening, Court support, financial aid, prepare Victim Impact Statements for court. Our purpose is to help the victim regain control and to rebuild their lives. Time requirement: We require at least one 12 hour shift per week. This means that the Support Worker can go about their everyday business, but they must be contactable (by mobile phone) so our Contact Service can reach them. This may result in the Support Worker attending a crisis call out or making a phone call to the victim. We provide 24/7 365 days support and use a Roster system with hours being 8am-5pm, 5pm-8am or 8am-8am, depending on hours which suit the individual Support Worker.

There is 4 days extensive training which takes place over 2 weekends. Any travel/accommodation/food costs are paid for by Victim Support. The Volunteers are never out of pocket as we pay telephone costs and travel costs relating to Victim Support. The first weekend is on a Marae in Northland and the second weekend is held at a Venue in Northland or the Northshore. Supervision/Support: The volunteer will receive extensive training, once completed they will be Buddied up with an experienced Support Worker to go out on Crisis calls as instructed by the Police. The volunteer will be debriefed by the Service Coordinator on Crisis Call outs and also will receive one on one supervision twice a year with the Service Coordinator. There will always be a line of communication open to the Service Coordinator. The volunteers get together one evening, once a month for On Going Training. This could be in the form of new learning or sometimes a guest speaker may come in. It is also a time for the Volunteers to get together, a light dinner is provided.

Specific requirements
Empathy Good Communication, Non Judgemental, Confidentiality, Takes direction well, Computer Literate and access to a computer, , Efficient in submitting case notes on time via the computer, Full driving License, Full Police check, Reliability and ability to Commit to the roster and the on going monthly training meetings.
All over Northland

5 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Reimburse expenses
✔ Reference provided after some time