Reference nr. 1232 : Whangarei Museum & Kiwi House
Enviro & Historic Learning Experiences Assistants

Kiwi North has a 'Learning Experiences Outside The Classroom' (LEOTC) contract aiming to engage schools around Northland in learning about sciences, technology and maths through environmental, conservation and historical activities and artefacts.
Volunteers would assist in these sessions in the same way that parent helpers and school teachers support the children's learning under the direction of the LEOTC Educator.
Sessions are generally 4 hours a day (10.00 - 2.00) plus travelling time. Sessions can be delivered at any museum, community centre, reserve or heritage park in Northland. Lesson plans and all resources are provided by the LEOTC Educator.
Sessions are often interactive and experimental but always fun. Bookings are notified well in advance of the visit so there is always plenty of time to become familiar with the subject matter before helping the children to get the most from the session.

Training is available at Kiwi North on all of our programmes and resources prior to a school booking. Exploring the subject matter yourself by following the lesson plane beforehand is a fun way to understand what you need to point out to children to support their learning.

Specific requirements
Energy, enthusiasm, good reading skills and understanding of English, interest in the education of school age children, the ability to engage and support children of all ages with their learning.
If you have taught, want to teach or are good at communicating with others and would like a diverse range of platforms to support Northland children explore their own back yard, this is for you.
All over Northland

10 volunteers needed


✔ Police check
✔ Wheelchair accessible
✔ Reference provided after some time