Health and Safety when volunteering

It is important to Volunteering Northland that all of the volunteers we work with or refer have a safe and enjoyable experience whilst undertaking their voluntary roles.

If you are a volunteer, you must take reasonable care of your own safety and take care not to do anything which could harm another person. You should follow all reasonable safety instructions given to you when you are volunteering at an organisation, so that they can comply with their Health and Safety obligations.

When you volunteer, you have the same health and safety duties as paid staff. In addition to the duties above you must also co-operate with any reasonable health and safety policy or procedure of the organisation you are volunteering at.

Reasonable care means that you should do what a reasonable person would do in the same circumstances. This is for you to determine. Consider the skills and knowledge you have, what the risks and outcomes are and the resources you have available.

Some steps you can take include:

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For more information about Health and Safety in regards to volunteering, you can download the Work Safe New Zealand 'Information for Volunteers' fact sheet here.