Mental Health 101 Workshop (Paihia)
Mental Health 101 Workshop (Paihia)

Giving people the confidence to recognise, relate and respond to people experiencing mental health challenges.

Blueprint for Learning training reflects a philosophy of recovery and empowerment using best practice to help people become full and active members of their communities. Our workshops use adult education principles, with a variety of activities, videos and teaching tools to cater for different learning styles of participants. In addition, our expert facilitators bring a wealth of professional and personal experience to the topics covered.
Participants will receive a workbook with MH101® notes, additional reading, a directory for support and assistance, and access to a post-workshop e-learning module to assist them to apply what they have learnt.

Learning outcomes:.
  • recognise signs of mental wellbeing and of mental health challenges
  • use Te Whare Tapa Whā to support mental wellbeing
  • relate to what people with mental health challenges are experiencing
  • respond supportively to mental distress
Topics covered in MH101® include stress and wellbeing, mental health challenges, suicide, trauma, supportive language and perspective, building a connection, sharing your concerns, when to get help and local support.

Date: 22 August 2022
Venue: Bay of Islands Community Centre - 76 Marsden Road

Time: 9am - 4.30pm
Tea and light lunch provided.

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Monday, 22 Aug 2022

Bay of Islands - Whangaroa

To all non-profit organisations in the region.

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