Conflict Awareness + De-escalation training
Conflict Awareness + De-escalation training

Confirmed. 3 hour training. Subsidised by Foundation North. This training is designed for volunteer and paid staff of non-profits who work with the public. Learning about de-escalating conflict situations will help keep everyone safe.

Content of a session:

  • Legislation that impacts on their safety including, Health and Safety, Assault, Self Defense and trespass.
  • Conflict de-escalation techniques, including body language and flat line de-escalation.
  • Practical techniques, basic safety moves used by enforcement agencies.
  • Conversations based on the situations that your staff have faced.
  • Situational Awareness and how to keep themselves safe.
Other info:
  • Workbook in PDF format supplied before the training.
  • Certificate of completion.
  • The session includes a 15 minute break.
Date: Postponed until 2022
Time:  1pm till 4pm, please allow a few minutes to settle in so the training can start on time.
Cancellation: If the participant can not make the training, do let us know, even as late as noon on the day. We (might) have a long waiting list and people on stand-by.

Feedback earlier sessions:
  • Great presentation.
  • I found the trainer to be at our level of understanding. A good man for the job!
  • During the exercise I was able to identify within myself what I was doing wrong, once it was brought to my attention by the facilitator.
  • Learnt a lot today in a small time frame.
  • Very informative. Appreciated the presenters experience, skill and knowledge.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this course and the information contained.
  • Excellent options to use in the workplace.
  • Great, Great!! I will take a lot out of this. Thanks.
  • Good facilitator, kept interesting, lots of real life examples to relate to situations. Nice to have some humour, it's never an easy topic but was nice for it to be “lightened up”.
  • Really relevant information en enjoyable. Craig is an excellent facilitator and is very engaging.
  • Would highly recommend. Will go back to my team and talk with them and develop some strategies around keeping ourselves safe I would like all my staff + volunteers to do this.
  • With Covid, mental health, aggression, problems have been exacerbated. This training is very relevant to our charity.



To all non-profit organisations in the region.

The price (ex.GST) for registered organisations is $30.00 per person

The price (ex.GST) for casual organisations is $45.00 per person