"Good Sorts Day" Huanui College December 2019

Huanui College students raising funds for "Foster Hope"

The recent successful Huanui College Good Sorts Day saw over 150 of their students and staff think of others by helping support community organisations.  The students undertook a variety of roles ranging from gardening, to working in charity shops, to performing concerts to just stopping by and having a chat.

“School was just buzzing when everyone got back from their work” said Carolyn Evans, organiser of the Good Sorts Day. “While our community benefited from the help they received, it was great to see how much the children and staff also got from this experience.”

The Good Sorts Day focuses on community service and is one part of Huanui College’s Positive Education Program. It has been running for three years and encourages gratefulness and mindfulness in life so students grow into great citizens.

Year 8 students Jade Culham, Ollie Brookes and M'Lago Morris were part of a team who worked at Pehiaweri Marae tidying gardens and chopping flax bushes.  Jade said, “The marae grows their own food and now they can grow more vegetables for themselves. It would’ve taken them a lot longer to tidy the gardens so it feels good to know that we have helped them.”  All their hard work was rewarded with a lovely meal at the end.

Other activities included a team at Falls Retirement Village who were paid by the residents to wash their cars with the money raised donated back to Foster Hope. A year 7 music duet, year 10 music group, and a dance group performed at Puriri Court LifeCare and Alzheimer's Society Northland, and then enjoyed spending time talking to the residents. Another group cleaned around Hatea Loop with Sea Cleaners, and many other students provided an extra hand or two to the Salvation Army, Red Cross, North Haven Hospice and Habitat for Humanity shops.

Story by Cindy Borrie, Volunteer Reporter at Volunteering Northland.