National Volunteer Week 2017 July 2017

Most successful of the NVW 2017 program was the “Team Volunteering” project.

Connecting local business leaders with Not for Profit organisations. 21 projects were actioned with 26 different teams joining up. That's 120+ volunteers! A couple of individuals have offered on-going support to the organisations they were involved with. Also, the local press have responded favourably with a number of editorial stories and photos in the Northland regional newspapers.

    This initiative also highlights how 'episodic or short term' volunteering is a growing trend globally, evidence shows that with today’s busy lifestyle, volunteers are looking for flexible arrangements and are often willing to commit in the short-term. (State of Volunteering Report, VNZ 2016). - Trish Clarke (Volunteering Northland)

    As part of National Volunteer Week (18 - 24th June), the Northland Advocate took on our challenge to spend time with us to brainstorm on how we can better promote WINGS within our community and increase our paid memberships. A team of three people form the Northern Advocate (Craig, Greg and Jan) generously spent two hours with Caroline, Jackie and Rosalind throwing around idea's and strategies. A big 'Thank you' to Volunteer Northland for providing an avenue for businesses to help each other within Volunteer Week. And a massive 'Thank you' to the team from Northern Advocate for taking on the challenge. - Caroline Hudson (WINGS)

    Last week for National Volunteer Week a few of the ladies from our centre and myself visited Dress for Success and had a lot of fun learning about their services. We helped with the ironing, polishing shoes and sorting clothing for the upcoming sale. We worked alongside volunteers from Dress for success as well as Alison Geddes the new General Manager of Planning and Development for WDC - Jessie Manney (Mulitcultural Whangarei)