Subsidised Professional Development Workshops July 2017

We are proud that we have been able to organise eight subsidised professional development workshops for the non-profit sector in Northland.

Foundation North has made a major contribution towards the cost making sure the training is accessible for many (paid and volunteer staff).

We have been using the first-come-first serve principal and distributed the available seats "fairly" over as many organisations as possible.


  • 14-15 Aug, "Comprehensive First Aid" course Whangarei
  • 24 Aug, "Communication" workshop Whangarei
  • 4 Sep,  "Communication" workshop Kerikeri
  • 4-5 Sep, "Comprehensive First Aid" course Kaitaia
  • 20 Sep,  "Communication" workshop Kerikeri
  • 27 October,  "Communication" workshop Kaitaia
  • 2 November, "Volunteer Management" seminar Whangarei
  • 7 December,  "Communication" workshop Whangarei (Full)

Comprehensive First Aid workshop:

Communication workshop; Essential skills to improve relationships & reduce friction:

(note, this is the same workshop held in different locations/times to suit the needs of the wider Northland community)

  • Delivered by Barbara Jaques ( )

  • 9am - 4pm, $45 plus GST,  lunch included

  • Workshop covering:

    • Maps of the world and how we think – understanding others’ thinking and rationale

    • Developing a connection (rapport) – using non-verbal communication to build relationships

    • Attending – building relationships that are respectful

    • Listening – building relationships that really connect with people

    • The problem-ownership model – a model for dealing with problems/conflicts

    • Getting your own needs met – how to help yourself

    • Win-win outcomes – developing solutions

    • Dealing with values – an overview of managing differences

Volunteer Management seminar:

  • Delivered by Rob Jackson (from the UK, invited by NZ Volunteer Centre Network, ). We hosted Rob in October 2015 as well. He is one of the leading authorities on volunteering in the world, he has written, spoken and trained on volunteer programme management internationally for over twenty years.

  • 9am - 3:30pm, light lunch included

    • $0 Early bird (ends 1 October 2017), no charge for one person from organisations registered with Volunteering Northland

    • $30 (plus GST) for additional people from registered organisations (make sure you book your first place free, before 2 October)

    • $75 (plus GST) for people from organisations not registered with Volunteering Northland

  • Morning session:

    • Valuing Volunteer Management; A look at the essential role of the leader and manager of volunteers. How can we effectively lobby for more support?

  • Afternoon session:

    • Managing Volunteers; Get everything right and retention happens