On the Look Out October 2016

Volunteer at Whangarei Police Station

Do you consider yourself somewhat of an observer? Someone with a desire to make the community a safer place? If so, then volunteering for the Police may be for you! There is currently a shortage of volunteers, needed for two different roles - monitoring CCTV footage, and night patrols.

Volunteers are needed in these roles, as there has been a decline in volunteers as of late - night patrols have had to stop monitoring the Abbey Caves car park in the Parahaki area, while CCTV volunteers have been working extra shifts. At least eight more volunteers are required for patrols, as well as eight for CCTV monitoring.

Volunteering is described as a rewarding role, which allows you to meet new people, make a difference, give back to the community, have new experiences, and fill your spare time in a productive way.

Night patrols, facilitated by CPNZ (Community Patrols of New Zealand) involve 4 hour long shifts - from 10pm to 2am on Friday and Saturday nights - during which volunteers drive around the district and keep an eye out for any suspicious behavior.

There are also daytime shifts during the summer in popular areas such as Whale Bay, The Town Basin, Parihaka, and many more.

Robert Patterson, District Representative for CPNZ, describes CPNZ volunteering as a “very well organised network that wants to make a change, and will go about doing it.”

Ross Wagner, Whangarei resident and CCTV volunteer, describes his role as a volunteer as “a venture in community safety”, saying, “We’re just trying to make a bit of a difference”.

Volunteering to watch CCTV footage is suitable for people of all abilities, with Wagner joking, “breathing is good, age doesn’t matter.”

Watching CCTV footage also involves night shifts, is wheelchair friendly, and is suitable “for anyone with a killer instinct,” as volunteers are on the lookout for anything out of the ordinary, with upwards of twenty cameras to be monitored.

The joining process is relaxed, with potential volunteers encouraged to sample the role, and if they feel that this is suitable for them, they may make whatever commitment works best for them.

For more information on volunteering to patrol, please visit the Volunteering Northland website CPNZ page www.volunteeringnorthland.nz/volunteers/opportunities/1581, visit the CPNZ Facebook page www.facebook.com/CommunityPatrolsNewZealand, or visit the CPNZ website www.cpnz.org.nz.

For more information on volunteering to watch CCTV footage, please visit the Volunteering Northland CCTV page http://volunteeringnorthland.nz/volunteers/opportunities/1580.


By Abby Buckthought