"Making Time" during National Volunteer Week 2016 June 2016

Carol Price, Kathryn Ross, Sjoerd Post, Moea Armstrong, Michelle Smith, Kathy McMillan, Nikki Davies-Colley and Stuart Petersen.

Kathryn Ross (GM Strategic Planning & Policy FNDC) about volunteering at Hospice Mid-Northland: "Volunteering at Hospice during National Volunteering Week was a privilege. The work of volunteers makes our communities better places to live and enhances the lives of others.  I was amazed at the range of skills people have, and the talented way that organisations tap into these skills to match the person with the volunteering roles they perform.  All skills are valued and if you didn’t think you had anything to offer, you’d probably be very pleasantly surprised.  The deal is not one-sided.  Being a volunteer gives you your own rewards.  The work done by volunteers in our society is to be celebrated.

Special thanks to Hospice Mid-North for allowing me to join them.  They are exceptional people, doing exceptional things and if you’re looking to contribute, especially if you are young, I know they’d love to hear from you."

Sjoerd Post (CEO Refining NZ) about volunteering at Citizens Advice Bureau: "Very stressful job...Respect!". Moea Armstrong about Sjoerd Post: "Quick learner – would be happy to employ him!"

Nikki Davies Colley (Chair Northpower Ltd.) about volunteering at North Haven Hospice: "There is nothing better than a community supporting those in need in their own community.  I was privileged to spend some time with the North Haven Hospice team and learned just how much it takes to provide this wonderful service for patients and families at the most vulnerable time of their lives.  I was astounded by how many people it takes to run this service, and by how many of them were generously volunteering their time.  To learn that it is a 24/7 operation so that even people with full-time jobs can contribute in some small way was an eye opener for me. On top of that, everyone I met was great - welcoming, friendly, professional and compassionate.  Thanks for taking the time to educate me.  I will certainly be putting out the good word on behalf of your team!"