Useful links - During Alert Levels 3 & 4 August 2021

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For Formal & Informal Volunteer Leaders

Level 3 and 4 Guidelines for Public Events and Sports and Recreation

NZ Government Covid-19 website

Volunteering New Zealand has written a great article about Microvolunteering, check out these fantastic resources and ideas, and learn about the benefits for both volunteers and community organisations. 

Supporting Volunteer Efforts During Coronavirus from Energize, continuously updated

Free work from home tools compiled by Forbes

Online Shopping & Delivery

Click and Collect can help you find a time slot for online shopping. It checks all of your main local supermarkets and lets you know in one click if any time slots are available for pickup. *If you qualify for the Priority service, these slots will not be shown on this website and you will need to login to the supermarket website.
Delivereat is a non-profit initiative that lists independent Kiwi businesses that are delivering during the Level 4 COVID-19 lockdown and meet MBIE's essential services criteria. The directory is updated daily.

Facebook Pages & Groups (to keep you connected and inspired during lockdown)

IHC together with a number of other agencies have put together Awhiathome Facebook page to support parents with children at home in lockdown.

Multicultural Whangarei has created Happy Mums - Happy Child a Facebook group where mums can connect and be inspired. 

'Iso-Creation' is a Facebook group for people to join and share what creative activities they are doing at home.

Aotearoa Arts and Events during COVID-19 group of - and for - artists, creative thinkers, arts and event managers and workers, arts organisations, producers and arts and cultural workers from all over Aotearoa. This a platform in which to come together to share ideas, resources, responses, strategies and experiences as we face down the COVID-19 crisis together.

COVID-19 prepardness & management platform for members to share resources and information for NZ'ers to gear up to fight COVID-19.

Multicultural Whangarei has created Stay Safe - Stay Connected a Facebook group where people who have met through Multicultural Whangarei can stay connected.  

Virtual Online Tours & Activities  
Let your mind wander as your explore these amazing places via your ipad, tablet, mobile phone or laptop.

Arts and Culture 
Museum Crush A collection of online exhibitions from 14 famous UK museums.

The Louvre Take your own online tour of The Louvre museums’s exhibition rooms, galleries and architecture. 
Smithsonian Institute The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History offers 360-degree views of all its exhibits online. 
The Dali Museum Celebrate the life and art of Salvador Dalí with a virtual tour of the whole museum complex, starting at the front entrance. 
Google Arts and Culture A great site to launch into the arts and culture of over 250 cities from around the world!  
Great Outdoors  
Explore American National Parks Imagine that you are walking through these great American National parks.  
National Marine Sanctuaries Take a virtual dive and explore the serene ocean life of the National Marine Sanctuary. 
View Animals around the world Connect with the wild nature of a range of different animals from around the world through live feed cameras. 

Watch Opera Close your eyes and listen to all the drama that opera is – watch the recorded

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Melbourne Symphony Orchestra has a on-demand service where you can watch recorded performances.

Live Radio Find your local radio station and tune in!

Short courses
Free online courses across a range of topics Time to test yourself across a range of short courses covering different topics.

Museum of Modern Art Free online courses 

Online Puzzles
Brain Teasers, Riddles, Trivia, Games and more Braingle is a place to solve puzzles, brush up on your trivia, play games and give your brain a workout. Get ready to have your brain tangled!

Online Scrabble and Crosswords 

Online Sudoku 

Online Trivia and Quizzes 

Meditation and relaxation
Meditation Range of free guided meditations.

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